Our services and amenities

What can Hotel Palomé offer you in addition to a magnificent setting? We offer you nature, clean air, fishing, ski, incredible cycling routes, and peace – lots of peace.

We also offer you a wide range of services and amenities to ensure you of an unforgettable stay.


VIP limousine service. Free outdoor parking

Cycling and hiking. Individual dressing room and lockers

Minibar and room service

Sofa bed and cradle

Bar and café

Lounge with fireplace and TV room

Garden and terrace

24h reception desk


Sale of Inúu activities, ski, mushing

Electric vehicle charging station TESLA)



The proposed routes will be carried out in the parish of La Massana and Ordino. They are cycling routes where road bikes are required.

The itineraries to be carried out are intended for cyclists with enough physical fitness to be between 3 - 4 hours pedaling at a rate of between 12 - 14 km / h on average, and to withstand a positive difference of 300-400 m / hour.

The material that must be taken by the participants is the one they use (bicycle, cycling shoes, helmet, goggles, gloves) as well as provisions for this activity.

The provisions, as liquid as solid, is borne by each participant in the activity. In spite of this, during the route there will be some stops in a town where you can take provisions if is needed.

During the activity there will be some stops (in pass and towns) where small explanations will be made.

If you need to rent a bicycle, we can help you get in touch with some bicycle rental establishments.

Cycling routes in la massana