• Emó Restaurant

Emó Restaurant

Hotel Palomé restaurant is currently reserved for our guests.

We have a daily menu and a wide selection of “à la carte” dishes, a wide range of dishes designed for all our guests: we have taken into account children's tastes, the special needs of those who have food allergies and intolerances as well as most demanding palates.

The Emó restaurant stoves changes at the rhythm of the seasons, adapting to the seasonal products and to the preferences of our customers depending on the weather. The common denominator is a cuisine based on traditional recipes but with a twist and surprising vision. The use of fresh, seasonal and proximity products. The result is dishes of great flavor, designed to be pleasing to the diner.

Our team of cooks are professionals who have extensive experience, who understand that gastronomy is a fundamental aspect so that our guests can feel at home. Therefore, they carefully prepare the culinary offer of the Emó mo restaurant, with the aim that the dishes are comforting and innovative, always having as reference the quality and the good service.

Regarding the menus, they are adapted for those suffering from food allergies and intolerances. We provide alternative dishes, in addition to a detailed indication of the ingredients of each preparation. If you need additional information, you can ask the room staff.

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