Bike friendly. An Andorran cycling experience

A bike garage is at your disposal. It is equipped with separately-locking hooks for bikes, a work table, a repair bench, a bike pump and a wash area with hose, bucket and high-pressure equipment for efficient cleaning of your bicycle.

Hotel Palomé also offers a space equipped with benches and key-operated lockers.

Cycling in Andorra is an unforgettable experience. The Principality has 21 mountain passes! That's why, with mountains of all types including Category-1 and Special climbs, both La Vuelta and Le Tour choose our roads for important stages.

Arcalís, Arinsal and Cabús are just a few of the many mountain passes that will make you feel like a real champion –and you'll enjoy all the natural beauty of Andorra here too. What's more, all three are right next to Hotel Palomé.

The cycling routes in Andorra ensure you of a unique experience. Enjoy our breathtaking landscapes on your bike!

Download the Route Guide in PDF.



The proposed routes will be carried out in the parish of La Massana and Ordino. They are cycling routes where road bikes are required.

The itineraries to be carried out are intended for cyclists with enough physical fitness to be between 3 - 4 hours pedaling at a rate of between 12 - 14 km / h on average, and to withstand a positive difference of 300-400 m / hour.

The material that must be taken by the participants is the one they use (bicycle, cycling shoes, helmet, goggles, gloves) as well as provisions for this activity.

The provisions, as liquid as solid, is borne by each participant in the activity. In spite of this, during the route there will be some stops in a town where you can take provisions if is needed.

During the activity there will be some stops (in pass and towns) where small explanations will be made.

If you need to rent a bicycle, we can help you get in touch with some bicycle rental establishments.

Cycling routes in la massana

Electric mountain bike experience

Guided tours on electric Mountain Bike (MTB). An electric bicycle is equipped with an electric motor to assist in propulsion. Its power is supplied by a battery that is recharged from the electrical network. A certified guide accompanies participants on these tours.

The routes are conceived for people of all ages. Children from age 7 can ride electric MTBs. MTB tours are even suitable for people with children aged 2 years on up, who ride on a child bike seat. The tours are on an easy level, along dirt paths or secondary roads. They last four hours, with departure at 9.30 a.m.

Several routes are available:

  • La Massana - Sispony - Cortals de Sispony
  • La Massana - Arinsal - Anyòs - Beixalís
  • La Massana - Llorts (Ruta del Hierro)
  • La Massana - Pal - Coll de la Botella - Port de Cabús

Price: 55 € per person.


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